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We decided that our standard upcoming events segment just was not getting the job done.  So I called up my buddy Be_Steve to give me a little information on a upcoming tournament in Montreal Quebec called Chaos Ludik.  In this less than 30min show we discuss mostly the fantasy portion of the event but keep in mind there is also a 40k tournament and a Warmahordes doubles event.  Chris, Will, Franklin and maybe Ron will be making an appearance at this October event.

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In this episode of CanHammer Chris and Ron talk all about Dark Elves.  They start off talking about hobby and a new army Ron traded for.  Then they talk upcoming events.  After that, the lore of dark is reviewed.  Then the rest of the Dark Elf insanity is covered.

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In this show we do a mini tournament recap.  Chris is joined by Will and Steve and we discuss our games at a tournament in Montreal, Quebec.

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In this episode of CanHammer Chris and Ron talk all about Dwarf stuff.  We also cover Da Green Mountain boyz one day event in Burlington VT.  Then we finish up with a one day Ottawa tourney run by Will Paul.

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In this episode of CanHammer Chris, Ron and John talk all about Da Boyz GT 2013.  Da Boyz is a fantasy and 40k tournament in Rochester NY.  This show is entirely about fantasy and we discuss our games and why you should attend this event.

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In this special episode all the talk is Canada at the ETC.  I was able to get an interview with Team Canada ETC captain Mr. Tom Harris.  Tom talks all about his past ETC's and what its like to Captain team Canada.  He also discusses how he wants the team to grow and how you can become apart of the team.

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In this show Chris and Ron are joined by Mr. Will Paul.  Now he is a monster of a gamer with two first names who always pleases.  We discuss a little of what we have been up to, then we move into some kick ass events that are coming up soon!  After that we spend some time looking at some of the initial Dark elf stuff.  We give a brief first impression of GW's newest book.  Then we delve into our Crossroads GT coverage.

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n this show we sit down with Nate and Clarence.  We return to our roots in this episode and do a 40k show.  We kick it off with what we have been up to in 40k.  Then we talk about some upcoming events that we are going to hit up this year.  After that I start squeezing as much information on Divination out of Nate and Clarence.  Then we jump into the real meat of the show, we discuss the Tau book.  Since Nate is the best Tau player there is, there is quite a lot to be learned.

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We return with a random show.  Chris and Ron talk about summer gaming and tactics with Daemons.  We also do a Lore of Beast review and talk about a bunch of little but interesting topics. 

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We do another bonus show.  The CanHammer crew introduces another Jon.  We all pile in and drive down to Hartford CT USA to play a 4 man team tournament like no other.  Welcome to Bragging Rights.

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