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n this show we sit down with Nate and Clarence.  We return to our roots in this episode and do a 40k show.  We kick it off with what we have been up to in 40k.  Then we talk about some upcoming events that we are going to hit up this year.  After that I start squeezing as much information on Divination out of Nate and Clarence.  Then we jump into the real meat of the show, we discuss the Tau book.  Since Nate is the best Tau player there is, there is quite a lot to be learned.

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In This episode of CanHammer Chris is joined by Ron and Will.  The boyz get together and discuss ADEPTICON.  They also review the lore of Tzeench and have a little too much fun!

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In This episode of CanHammer Ron and Chris discuss the lore of metal, a bunch of upcoming events and Game Summit madness.  They also give their first impressions of the new Warriors of Chaos and talk for 3 seconds on the new Daemons.
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Hi, in this episode of CanHammer Chris is joined by  Ron and Jon and they discuss the lore of Death, WOC Trolls, the new Dark Angels and some Dwarf tactics.

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Hi, in this episode of CanHammer Chris is joined by  Ron and they discuss the Warhammer Fantasy Lore of Heavens, the 40k Telepathy Psychic Discipline and Ron talks about his time at the Phoenix Games Fantasy Tourney.  They also give their opinions on the previews for the new Warriors of Chaos stuff and a plethora of other interesting topics.

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